Magic Clip

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Magic Clip


KM-0610/ KM-1115 / KM-1620

Magic Clip


The Magic Clip is a patent product of kist that is easy and simple grating fixture to install the grating panels.

TheMagic Clip can be applied to the thickness ranges from 6mm to 20mm and above for beam supports, and be installed 4~5 times faster than Lower clip with technical / commercial efficiencies.


Magic Clip
Anew Magic Clip for grating fastening -Only KIST's patent product

Advantages of Magic Clip

    • Can be installed and dismantled within 5 seconds
    • Complete fixation regardless of base metal thicknesses
    • No need to adjust the pre-position of clip
    • Increase tightening force with even contact at beam support (Additional Anti-loose effect)
    • Requires minimum space for installation -25mm (between cross bar and support)

Application of Magic Clip

  • * Upper figure

  • * Front figure

  • * Bottom figure

Material specifications

No. Component Material
1 Nut Stainless steel / CarbonSteel
(Carbon steel -Zn coated)
2 KM Clip
3 KM Bolt

* Weight of Magic Clip : 60g (Avg.) , approximately 40% lighter weight than Lower clip.





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